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The Pastel Hangout Newsletter

Stay Busy at Home with Art Lessons


Learn to paint to fill the time you spend indoors.

Hi everyone,


This is another week of isolation here in South Carolina. I don't know where you are, but I hope you are safe and healthy during this pandemic. Many people are picking up hobbies and learning how to paint during this stay at home period, and you can too! I am confident that anyone can learn to paint with pastels and become amazing artists. This is a great time to learn how to use soft pastels and develop the techniques to create convincing tones and values in your artwork.


I have had several requests for demonstrations on painting seascapes using soft pastels. I recently uploaded a tutorial on YouTube on How to Paint Ocean Waves.


Some of you who are already subscribed to me on YouTube might have already seen it.


The tutorial is in pastel, with step-by-step guidance on creating an underpainting with isopropyl alcohol and I demonstrate the entire process of blending pastels to create a translucent wave crashing on the beach.


And don't forget; I have several pastel tutorials on my YouTube page.


Until next time, stay safe and healthy!



Archives coming soon!

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