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The Pastel Hangout Newsletter


Welcome to the Pastel Hangout Newsletter!


Sometimes drawing on a very small scale can be difficult. Pastel pencils are paramount to achieve small details. I will show you in the following steps how to achieve a painterly image of a hummingbird only two inches in size.

I have completed the background before developing the hummingbird.

Step 1 & 2.

1. Use a black pastel pencil to draw the bird's long beak.

2. Lightly add some dark shading of brown under the wing and some Burgandy color on its neckline.


Step 3 & 4.

3. Add some lime green to the head and back of the hummingbird as a base color of its iridescent colors.

4. I have added some magenta to the neckline and belly of the hummingbird to bring out the reflections of the bright flowers on the bird's underside.

step 3-4.jpg

Step 5 & 6.

5. Use a sharp black pastel pencil to draw the shape of the bird's eye. Use a blue color for a spot reflection in its eye.

6. Use a brown pastel pencil to add the small rows of neckline feathers.

step 5-6.jpg

Step 7 & 8.

7. Use a small paper blending stump to blend within the small area.

8. Add some dark gray shading beneath the wings of the bird. And, lightly add some gray shading and soft blurry feather strokes to its flapping wings.

step 7-8.jpg

Step 9 & 10.

9. Use a light turquoise pastel to add some reflective light and sparkle to the back of the hummingbird.

10. Final step is to draw the small feet and nails with a black pastel pencil.

step 9-10.jpg

I hope you have found this process of drawing a very small hummingbird helpful and informative. Below is the final drawing completed with a soft painterly effect in soft pastels.


Watch a full video demonstration called: Drawing a Hummingbird on my YouTube channel.


Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

Rita Ginsberg

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