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Tips to Photograph Your Pet


Please provide a good, clear picture of your pet. I primarily work from digital images. Please send a high-resolution image that will show all the details of your pet when zoomed up. The more details I can see in a photo, the better the painting will be. Send your image(s) to I will be happy to discuss with you my thoughts regarding whether one or another makes a better reference photo to use.

I do recommend a few tips for photographing animals.

  • Photograph with natural light shining through a window or photograph outside. Light through the window shining on your pet is good. Do not use a flash.


  • Get down to their eye level when snapping a picture. Or, bring them up to your eye level by placing them on a chair or sofa. A closeup photo of their head and shoulders is good, as well as a full-body shot. If your pet is too far away from the camera the details are lost.


  • It may be helpful to have another person snap a picture or pose your pet.


  • Pets are like children and need something to catch their attention long enough to take the picture. A favorite toy is often a good choice.


  • Sometimes multiple subjects may be taken to create a group painting. It may require placing each pet on the same sofa or chair separately to photograph.


  • Most importantly try to get a photo of your pet that expresses the personality that you love. Much care will be taken to bring out the character and likeness of your pet in the finished painting.


  • If you are unsure whether or not your favorite digital image is suitable for a pet portrait, just email it to me and I will be happy to give my advice.


  • If you are unable to photograph your pet yourself, and you live in the Charleston, SC area, you may bring your pet to my location where I can take my own photo references. Please contact me to arrange this service.


  • Good luck!

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